Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two Awards in a Week

I have been truly surprised and gratified by the recognition this humble cyber-countinghouse journal has received this week. I especially thank The Doctor for his support and kind words, and the "Tempus Fugit" award he bestowed.

"The TEMPUS FUGIT Award is given to writers & living historians whose journals represent the best aspects of the 18th Century. These writers aim to inform and entertain the public with tales from events, historic research & experiments and highlights from 18th Century arts and culture. It is the hope of TEMPUS FUGIT that this award will forge a web of friendship and knowledge that will aid in creating a tight community of reenactors and living historians on the internet and beyond. Winners of the TEMPUS FUGIT Award should pass this award along to six other 18th Century blogs that meet the above criteria, and include this text with the Award, as well as a link back to the TEMPUS FUGIT blog."

So, now I must ponder to which sites I shall pass this honor, along with the

"Proximidade Friendliness" award from Jane Austen's World and The Doctor.

Thank you all. I am

Your Most Humble(d) and Obedt Svt,
The Clerk

1 comment:

  1. Please allow me to offer my most respectful compliments to you on the fine work you do on your journal. I most sincerely wish you health and success in yr endeavors; and am, with great respect,

    Yr Most Humble & Obt Svt.

    The Doctor